Swamp Project – Backdrop and Skybox

Well today I’ve got to render out one of the backdrops I’ve done and make a skybox. I’ve already done one backdrop but it hasn’t been tested in Unity or with the terrain, due to my partner who I’ve been working with for the fast 4 or so weeks has been away and haven’t had access to the updated Unity file. Until just yesterday he was having trouble moving the project from Uni to home so I had an idea and gave him a few instructions, it at least now opened but it appeared we had to import the assets again which isn’t too much of a big deal and wont take very long.

But all that we are really missing is the backdrops, which are just scenes that are made in Maya and using the assets we made for the level project and to act as it appears the swamp is bigger then it really is and so it makes a bit more sense that your not just staring into empty space all of a sudden (at least that’s the idea). So I’m marking it as work in progress due to I don’t know if I need to back the camera off as it might not really fit into the game very well and seeing as its saved as a png I have no background behind it, so I will need the lighting information from the game level  to fit with the image to hopefully fit with the rest of the level. I will be having 2 different backdrops, one that clearly shows its blocked off and you have no access, the other will be where you start (behind you) and even though its clear you cannot go into it, it has a path to give you some idea what direction you came from (as shown below).

Backdrop 1 (WIP)
Work in progress, but almost there








Also as I’ve never posted about the swamp project, I will keep pretty short. We got put into teams 2 artists and 1 programmer (some 1 artist to 1 programmer) and our programmer didn’t really have any idea’s he just said what the teacher suggested which was a “swamp”. So he wanted a fantasy themed swamp so we wrote down some ideas (added a bit too much in some cases, but got most stuff we needed done) but we had to make assets for the programmer to use in his engine that he programmed himself. Where we make our own version using Unity and export it out to a web browser version.

As for the skybox, I will be using a mix of both Maya and Mudbox. It was a technique our teacher showed us, which there is no tutorial on it of the internet (even though there’s plenty of ways to do it) but to be honest I don’t remember every single step, I think I have it all down but I’ve got this doubt that I may skip something….hopefully not! So the basic idea is you make a cube in Maya, export it out and import it into Mudbox. Then I sub-divide the cube until it turns into a sphere, from then I will paint on colours onto the sphere. In this case its going to be at night time with a very bright moon, so I will be getting an image of a moon and using but I am unsure as of yet if I want clouds. If I do use clouds I will import them into Mudbox and also paint onto the sphere, with the moon I think I will add that in later on in Photoshop and add some effects to it such as an outer glow.

Will post tomorrow on how I went, hopefully everything works out.

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