Project Swamp – Waste of time and silly mistakes

So today we had to get everything done instead of 1-2 weeks away (like I thought originally) sadly I didn’t get every little single thing we had to do but our teacher said Monday it could be handed in, I only had a few things to write up anyways.

So the reason this for this title is due to the backdrops I made, I’m unsure how I didn’t think about it before but having the backdrop images wouldn’t of made sense due to the trees are cut off at the top and then the skybox wouldn’t of blended in with it (or would take a fair bit of effort to work or its just not possible). And also I attempted to make a skybox, it didn’t work at all so I saw how other cubed skyboxes were and attempted to paint my own and muck around in Unity to see how and if I could make a working one….It didn’t work and gave up and moved onto something else 3D related (working on my own little scene I started a while back).

So seeing our stuff had to be in today, we just used a default moonlight Unity skybox but it looks pretty good and the whole scene turned out very nice. I will hopefully get the web version up on here tonight or tomorrow sometime without much trouble, I do have an idea on how it may work but things don’t always like to play nice.

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