Website Update

Alright so there’s been a few changes since day one, Ive had menus for a few days now I’m unsure if I’m happy with the layout and colours but for now I’ll be sticking with them I think.

So I just had a really “FUN” time getting a Unity web version running on this website, doesn’t allow you to upload the files I needed to and after stressing, cursing the computer and website and other websites for not doing what I was hoping or not having a big enough upload size limit. So after asking on a group on facebook that has 2nd years from the same uni it turns out I needed to use dropbox, make it have a public folder and thencreate a link from here to the public link file hosted on my dropbox account!

So now I’m pretty happy and you can check it out right here, or hover your mouse over the work menu and select games/level scenes.

I may add a download’s section where you can play the non web version but for now it may be just web versions of the games/level scenes I’ve worked on.


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