Updating and more updating!

Well today I think I will be updating the page, with a game I made back in 2012 at AIE titled “Super Breakout Man”.

I put it up last night and gave it a test just to see if it would work (why wouldn’t it?) turns out If I exported a web build of a game with an older version of Unity the Unity web player wont play it due to it being old.

So I learned today, I’m going to have to update the web builds each time there’s a new version of the Unity web player (or least I assume).

As for today I have to write up some documentation for the Swamp Project and then I can hand it in all done and then I may even work on my little side project I had to finish making a lamp and still a bunch of other assets I have to build to complete the scene.

So be sure to check out the Games/Level Scenes section for Super Breakout Man, a solo project I worked on at AIE while doing my certificate III.

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