Oops……Oh well, New Steam Workshop Item

So I had thought that with the Fantasy swamp level, that the texture used wasn’t mine. So I finally had a good proper look and it turned out when my partner was snapping the level together while I was away (when it was due in the next day) so I wasn’t there to make sure it was my texture. So today was the very final day to get all our stuff in so I quickly fixed up the little error and re-exported a game exe and web build of the game, I have also updated the web build on this site.

So last night I got in the mood to do some 3D work, making another item for Worms Clan Wars. This time it was a tall object that they pull out randomly every now and then, and it had been a while since I had done anything for Worms Clan Wars so there was a few mistakes here and there.

First I started with Army Hat of some type with a hand painted texture…didn’t turn out so well texture wise, but then I remembered I had an unused texture for another project I did very early on my first year at AIE which I thought looked heaps better. It did look a lot better, and I knew why. The first time I hand painted an Army camouflage, I used a reference to get down the shapes and stuff and in the end came off really nice. The time I attempted (last night) I just got the colours and did random patterns and stuff…didn’t work out how I wanted to in the end.

So I threw them into the editor, it didn’t work and at the time I had no idea why when I went back and forth to see if anything was to change..it didn’t, so I went oh well I wont delete it just encase. So I went into my bedroom and saw a Cyanide & Happiness plush and thought hm, that is a pretty simple design I will give that a go as I had never made a tall object/asset for Worms Clan Wars.

So everything went well, smashed it out pretty quick its only a sphere and a few cylinders to make it up and textured it pretty fast due to it being a total of 2 colours in total. So the template you use to make sure you are doing it right made no sense to me at all so it took me a little bit to it finally worked (turns out if I just had it in the middle/center and deleting the template all together worked best) but finally I had it, after a few tweaks here and there.

It can be viewed/downloaded/rated here


Cyanide & Happiness WCW


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