New projects

Alright so we finished up the swamp project, got everything done in time and presented to all the 2nd year artist students at AIE.

Now we have to redesign the GUI for Assassins creed for a mini assignment for a better design and then present that next week and explain and talk about our design (for 5 mins).

Today we also got told our character assessment which is a pretty cool idea, and also different! Each class (2 rooms full of 3D artists) get split in half (least I think) with their own people in their classrooms, and all got a chess piece and get split into black and white. So the idea is to make a character out of these pieces with a total of 5 animations (Idle, walk, attack, defending and another one I have forgotten) and join them with the other colour side and have it as one piece (at least that’s what I think, don’t have the PDF telling us what we need to do).

So for now its pretty early and the side I was on (white) the whole team wasn’t there to discus where the black side had most of their members compared to our a little 5 group of white side. But our theme for the moment (as it may change by Monday) is Holy where the black side/team have stated they were going to do dark/evil themed characters, which I think will work out very very well. So I got a pawn, but have no ideas for now but I’m really wanting to get this other mini assignment out of the way first as it is due in the next 5 days (Monday).

Also I’ve recently uploaded On The Run installer onto my dropbox and added it to the Games/Level Scenes section, even though It’s not a web build but you can download it and install it and check it out. There isn’t really any credit (the groups or my name) in the game itself, but there is a hidden poster of the people who did work on it and also I included who did what (from memory) in the readme that is included that has some information about the game (such as if you want to run it in DirectX11 mode, though I don’t think its going to do anything different then running it under DirectX9). UDK (Unreal Development Kit) was the engine used to make this unlike the other two web builds which were built in Unity.

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