Character Update

Alright I don’t really have much to say (seem to have died down and ran out of stuff to blog it appears). So I will keep it short.

So for the past week or so I worked on silhouettes, Outline and a Concept image for my character. I got the pawn piece and got a Cherub suggested to me by a fellow class friend and thought sure why not. I’ve roughly based it off a game I use to play when I was younger called Messiah which came out in 2000. Sadly its a buggy game, it crashes alot and sound stops working or music starts playing at the right and wrong times etc.  Bob is the player (who is a cherub) and you take over peoples bodies for protection and as a disuse to get into areas where you would normally get attacked or not allowed to be in.






Alright so here are my silhouettes some were drawn, others were  reference images made into silhouettes but then added on to make it my own idea and work. My outlines and work in progress of my colour concept.

Shadowmen 2 Shadowmen 3 ShadowmenOutline 3 Outline 2 Outline 1ColourConceptwip

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