Cherub in the making

Alright so I struggle with making characters, I hate it so much to be honest. But it has to be done, so far Ive blocked out a rough model in Maya, then I was trying to match it up with ref images and shape it up nicely without the edge loops there to help.  So a friend smoothed it to me and then I understood and found it alot easier (I was doing it wrong, I didnt know). So I shaped it a little bit here and there, then I felt stuck again I wasn’t sure on where to move points and stuff (I just dont get it at all).

So I smoothed again, the way I saw it was at least I should have plenty of edge loops, maybe more then I need in areas. But the way I see it, its better to have too much then not enough (it can always get cleaned up afterwards). So then I threw it into Mudbox, I’m not quite ready for Zbrush just yet. I really wanted to make some sort of progress as this was all a really long drag and not feeling like I was getting anywhere. So now I’m at a stage where its still slow, I wish I was a little bit more ahead just to be safe but I’m at least getting somewhere (I at least think I am). Ive never really done a serious sculpt before just little bits here and there, so hopefully this turns out for the best.

Maya Mesh ModelMayawip, 3960 tris.

I still am needing to model a head, hands and maybe some feet, though I think that might be sculpted if I can get it working.





Cherub WIP sculptHere I had just put the mesh into Mudbox and sculpted a nappy, it was pretty off I think I over smoothed. I had also grabbed a part of the model to make some very very basic shape of knees.






CherubWIP2Here this was a few hours of just playing around, tweaking and messing around to try get the nappy some shape and hard edges to make it not look a part of the cherub itself. Ive also worked on giving the cherub character a chubby belly, some knees and at the moment I have been having trouble on working on the knees, feet and boob area.

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