Steam Workshop Item – South Park Hats Featured!

southpark worms







So I’ve just gotten a message on one of my Worms Clan Wars Items that I did a few months ago “South Park Hats”. And got a message asking if it was cool with me if he could have their video up using my south park hats, which to I quickly replied saying that’s fine and its also awesome It’s a “Lets Play” video and also gave links for other people who view the video to download and use my steam workshop south park hats. So its been a bit of a confidence boost to be honest, I did have my other friend from uni model the hats for me as I wasn’t too confident and hadn’t modelling anything for a while when I was wanting to do them (knowing and thinking they would be a big hit and also hoping it would be popular).

Heres the video for anyone interested:

Link to look/download/rate/comment on South Park Hats for Worms Clan Wars:

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