Slow progress, but improvement

Alright so I’d say I really need to speed up things, I will need to be  at least be finished before Monday or at least start rigging on Monday. Just a short update, I have deleted the arms off and will remake the arms with the hand (at least that’s what  I am thinking) and then do a bit of sculpting on the fact here and there to make it more baby or at least human looking. I threw it into Zbrush to cut off the arms and then cleaned the mesh up. It was roughly in the 22K or so tri now at the moment its in the 15K tri count.

So now the mesh is really nice and clean and attractive to look at (well…for a baby sized like character with no facial features or arms). The nappy was also reworked so now acts/works how a nappy does, but will need some re-doing in Mudbox or Zbrush. I have created a hand, though its nothing too great..It may work and I may not really have time to get it 100% perfect. I’d really like to get to weight painting and rigging..then its onto the animation.



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