Free Pro accounts on SketchFab!

No this isn’t a scam or joke or anything! It’s the real deal, none of that survey stuff to fill out to get it a stupid password or a chance to win something. If your a student and always wanted a free pro account but didn’t have the money to afford to get one or for whatever other reason, now it is all good!

You can either already have an account or you can sign up to get one, all you must do is type in your university email that you use or provide some kind of proof (such as a student ID card) which will require you to shoot them an email (which is simple and easy, and they are really friendly!). I even got offered a bag of Cheetos to spread the word, but I’m doing it so everyone can get on this awesome deal (but Cheetos are awesome, don’t get me wrong!).

To see why Sketchfab is doing this and also to find the link to see if you qualify, or simply even have any questions then simply click here

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