Mech Balls (working title) Update

Alright so a bit of an update on the Mech Balls game. Before this week we had to make a prototype in 2 days and the task we had to include was audio, so as long as sound was used someway it would be a pass. So after talking about some ideas and such our group came up with a music element to the game. We decided we would use a music track that was going to be used in our final end of the year project game. I’m not 100% sure how it came to be but we decided we would use most of the stuff that was already made for the final game to be used for this prototype we had to build. We used the arena but we added speakers. So it came to we would have the different tracks used in the song (bass, SFX, synth etc) would spawn coloured spheres and you had to shoot them. We had the speakers move and would react with the audio track used, so it looked like the real thing and looked pretty awesome while being a pretty neat trick.

So as we were making it, we got the idea of having it as an extra game mode or an easter egg for the final game so it wasn’t just a two day project that will be left alone and forgotten. There is still bugs and such to fix but we are focusing on the end of the year game as we have three weeks to pump out some assets and show it to the group of people who will decide if our game passes and gets continued to be worked on.

So this week I have worked on assets that I got assigned to do which were: Alarms, Billboards space ships, Health Drop and Power Up Crate/Capsule Functional. So I did a few crate designs and capsule ideas, but got told its best to go for a capsule and not actually crates that I had done. Here is some of the work I quickly did on Monday.

10504846_10154365556260321_6002724707432887014_o 10511552_10154365766990321_9002066563700330979_o 10549942_10154365849970321_8330528070954782652_o













So I also did a health power up that animates. It didn’t really loop too well towards the end, but I didn’t pick that up until someone had told me so I added another part of it and fixed it up and now loops nicely. So on Tuesday, that’s when I fixed up the health power up animation and started working on how the capsule works, as they are the things that will be thrown out and opens up and the power ups come out of the capsules. So I thought of having one of the capsules I have explode and one of the programmers are able to make the exploded capsule parts stay on the arena floor for a little bit which could be either used as a weapon perhaps or just clutter on the battlefield.  I then got asked to design another type of capsule in a form of a sphere shape to keep in with the games theme so I created two sphere type animations. One where it simply opened up (much like a pokeball) and one that explodes and parts of the it slide and bounce from the explosion of it opening.  I will wait until I get the final say if everyone is happy with it and which is the decided capsule to be used in the game and will then will be added to the prototype of the final game, which is still called Mech Balls at this time.

Here are some shots of my health powerup and capsules.

capsule3 healthpowerup capsule1 capsule2

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