Work I’ve been doing for Mech Balls – Big update

Alright so its been a while since I’ve updated as I’ve been flat out working on assets and other stuff to hand in. Here is a post from the Mech Balls blog that we had to write up, we also had to talk about our game for an industry pitch and our game got through! So will be posting some more updates as I work on more assets. Today we also got an extra programmer and  another artist to the team, making it a team of 10.

To read the teams blog (isn’t going to be an on going thing I dont think) you can find it here

Before I started modeling anything I did a few paint overs to see what kind of style looked good to us we first thought of just going for a Tron style look but we also looked at Ratchet and Clank and also liked this style. So we had mixed the two together just to see how it looked and these were the results we got.

Ratchet and Clank guns with Tron theme effects

R&C Tron - Blue R&C Tron - Green R&C Tron - Red R&C Tron - Yellow

Cropped repaint

Then just last week I started modeling some of the assets, I assigned myself to work on Alarms, Score tanks, Billboard space ships, Health Drop and Power Up Capsule Functional.

So I started off with the health power up, I played around with a few ideas but decided to go with the classic plus symbol with some torus spinning around while bobbing up and down.


Next I worked on a few capsule ideas but was decided to go with a sphere shape while trying to keep the poly count low but make it look a little more exciting then it just being a sphere. It gets shot out, explodes and a power up comes out. So after a few fixes here and there and they were exported into the game and are currently getting worked on.

Ball Ball explode

I then started and am currently working on some ideas for the alarm asset. Here are the current models I am working on, and waiting to see if this is the look the group is happy with these designs.

Alarm1 Alarm2

So over the few weeks I have made a few different type of power up crates and capsules and was decided to go with a sphere shaped capsule. So I animated on how the capsule will burst open as it gets shot out and a power up will come out.

Capsule Render Capsule break render

I worked on some alarm ideas not too many, I picked the ones with the lines as I had an idea on how the alarm lights could work. I did some photoshop work to show off my idea as I am better trying to show my idea then explain something (even if it is simple such as this, I think?). I also had to figure out where the alarms would sit in the arena so I played around with a few ideas but decided to have them sit just above the goal doors.

Alarm Ideas Alarm-1-ConceptAlarm-Animated-Concept-2 Health Powerup Render

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