It’s been a while…

So It’s been a while since I last blogged, in the past few months I came down with the flu for 4-5 weeks and now currently in the process of relocating back to where I use to live due to personal reasons so its alot on at the same time and I’m not too sure how things are going to go but heres what I got upto in the last few months…….

So not much of my stuff made it into Mech Balls, that’s cool just as long as I get something then I’m cool with that. I sort of became the guy who promotes and gets the word out about Mech Balls (which I’m also cool with) so here are some renders of the UFO I did, we are all using DDo and Ndo2 for the texture and normal maps (so everyone’s models and such have the same look and style) so after some playing around with Ddo and learning how to use it by playing around with the program.

Maya render


3DO render



Billboard/hologram images


So the ufo will fly in randomly with the other floating stuff in space outside the arena, showing a total of 2 different holograms that promote “Clu 3 Night Club” which was a render scene done by one of the lead artists Gaurav Shaman who created it earlier this year.  The original idea was to have some more different advertisements with other artists work as a little easter egg for Mech Balls, but as I was sick and weeks went by time ran out quicker then I’d like to so it was just limited to two of the same 3D scene to get it into the game.

So  Mech Balls has came along way, I/we don’t have a current up to date screenshot of the game but here is what the game is looking like in game a few weeks ago. The hud has changed and a bunch of other things



We have a few websites also where you can follow our progress:

Facebook page

ModDB page

Mech Balls Blog

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