Worms Clan Wars – Plumbob Hat

So in my previous blog I had written about being sick for 4-5 weeks (I had the flu) I hadn’t worked on anything and at the time I couldn’t work on the UFO due to not having the software (One wasn’t working) so I decided to do something very very simple just to get back into 3D (as I felt I was a little out of touch).

So I created the Plumbob which is just a diamond shape sort of object, which is used in The Sims to tell the players how their moods are.  Unfortunately due to the limits of what can be done with the Worms Clan Wars Editor,  I can’t have it change colour so I did two different sets of them. One where they are all green, the other set each worm had a different coloured Plumbob. Not everything went smoothly for a while the program wasn’t accepting the texture files and I was getting really quite annoyed as to why it wasn’t working, after a while It finally clicked 512×512 is too big, it had to be 256×256. To be fair it had been a while since I had made anything for Worms Clan Wars and I normally go no smaller then 512×512 maps.

So here are the shots showing the Plumbob for Worms Clan Wars

RedPlumbobGreen plumbob

Feel free to download and rate them

Green Plumbob

Multicoloured Plumbob

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