Results for Plumbob

Alright so from my last post I tweaked and fiddled around with the Plumbob. Something I keep doing (and then forgetting and learning from my mistakes) is to not group objects into one whole group, it limits you and such.

So I went back to the Plumbob and I separated the model into individual bits (as they once were). This made life a whole lot easier and I have just realized I have covered this already but still it can be added onto this bit of progress.

I thought of giving Keyshot a go, I’d never really used it and thought hm I see if I can use the program as I was interested in trying it, so I tested the program with my Plumbob model.

It took me 5-10 mins to figure out how to tell Keyshot I wanted each part of the model to be on its own material type (and I am still learning things here and there of course) so once I had that done, I was really amazed at how awesome this rendering program was with a few clicks here and there.

So this might be the only time I am pretty damn happy with my work, it rendered it more or less exactly how I pictured how it should be, the only thing I gotta play around with now is try getting the look of it when its turned on.

Here is my result:


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