About Me

Kyle Bacon

I’m Kyle and I’m a 24 year old student studying at AIE.

I was born in Melbourne, but moved when I was 1 and grew up in the country in a small town called Mount Beauty and then moved when I was 21 closer to Melbourne again.

I’ve been interested in games from a very early age and was always begging my mum to buy me a pc even though she couldn’t afford it. So at the age of 6, my grandparents bought me a PC which came with space invaders and a bunch of other games that I loved. From that day I have always been a PC gamer with over the years having only a few consoles and handhelds such as NES, Gameboy, PSP, PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360 but would pick PC as my favorite gaming system.

I also loved drawing, I would draw for hours every day mostly just cartoons. I was never really good at copying images I liked and I never traced and when I did, I didn’t like it very much so most of the time I would just draw my own cartoons. I use to borrow bits and pieces for some of my cartoons such as the shoes Sonic use to wear. At the age of 10 I stopped drawing as much as I use to due to getting put down by two class mates, back then I agreed with them and gave up, but now I wish I had kept going with my drawing and I encourage others to never give up and to keep pushing themselves.

I also upload videos to youtube, first it was just something to do and would at least share 1-5 videos a day, but for getting too many strikes the account got deleted. The highest viewed video I had was a music video I had created and back then I didn’t have any fancy video editing software so I couldn’t cut clips and such for when I made this music video (which was clips used from the movie “The Warriors” and used the song “Crack Addict” by “Limp Bizkit”. It had almost 150,000 views before I got to see it for the last time and was quite popular. I then started another channel but over time I felt I had done too many wrong things (having a 30 second intro on each video and having it listed as HD when it wasn’t). So then I made a new channel called HDBacon which I currently still use to this day, I’ve also got partnered by VISO Games, though it doesn’t bring in too much but I like to upload my 3D work sometimes up there to share with friends and family over the internet.

I first started editing games in 2001 at the age of 11, and over the years have modded games such as Swat 3, GTA III, GTA Vice City, Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3, Manhunt and Max Payne 2 just as a hobby as I had no real idea on 3D or game design of how you did it and how it was done.

As I was in my last year of high school I saw a poster while day dreaming, it was a poster about AIE. It was perfect it seemed it was just the thing I was after the only thing was I was 5 hrs away from where it was located, so I never really thought I’d find myself at AIE, which was due to not having any luck of finding a job and being very very limited place for work and friends having their own plans of what they were doing and where they were moving to.

But that changed in 2012 when I moved closer to Melbourne and even though I was a little bit nervous about doing it, I pushed myself and signed myself up.

I did certificate II & III which was to make an animation in the 10 weeks certificate II went for and for certificate III you had to make a 2.5D platformer game. At first I thought maybe 3D wasn’t for me as I didn’t like the way my stuff turned out and I had a bit of trouble to start with but in the end I got the movie finished (just) and then when I jumped into certificate III and made a game I felt good about it as i was happy with the end product and enjoyed it alot more and felt I had came a long way compared to when I first started due to knowing how it was done and how much I could do, rather then biting off more then I could chew.

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