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Alright so from my last post I tweaked and fiddled around with the Plumbob. Something I keep doing (and then forgetting and learning from my mistakes) is to not group objects into one whole group, it limits you and such.

So I went back to the Plumbob and I separated the model into individual bits (as they once were). This made life a whole lot easier and I have just realized I have covered this already but still it can be added onto this bit of progress.

I thought of giving Keyshot a go, I’d never really used it and thought hm I see if I can use the program as I was interested in trying it, so I tested the program with my Plumbob model.

It took me 5-10 mins to figure out how to tell Keyshot I wanted each part of the model to be on its own material type (and I am still learning things here and there of course) so once I had that done, I was really amazed at how awesome this rendering program was with a few clicks here and there.

So this might be the only time I am pretty damn happy with my work, it rendered it more or less exactly how I pictured how it should be, the only thing I gotta play around with now is try getting the look of it when its turned on.

Here is my result:


First post for 2015

So its been a few months since I wrote a blog, I’m not too sure how much more I will blog as this was only really for school..but I may keep it up.

So I graduated last year, and am now doing the Incubator program that AIE offers, so 2 other artists who I met at AIE, a programmer and myself are going to be making our own indie game dev group/company/partnership we haven’t decided what we will join together as just yet. So I am now considered a “Indie Game Dev” now.

So my HDD died just before Xmas, I got most of my stuff back and have only just recently gotten some upgrades so I have a PC back (man SSD’s rule!).

Anyways so I’ve been at my girlfriends place and have done a tiny bit of modeling (not as much as I should be though I have to admit) So it was a few days old, but I made a Xmas themed hat for Worms Clan Wars which was a pudding hat.


At the moment it’s sitting on 24 Unique Visitors, 8 Current Subscribers and 1 Current Favorite. So maybe it will be more used towards this years xmas (or maybe not).

So atm I have been playing around with a Plumbob model I made last night, I feel its taken me way too long to get where I am but I am trying to get it close as possible but also being a low poly model. The trouble atm I’m having is getting the transparency right for the middle diamond inside the bigger diamond shape. Here are some shots of it “on and off” rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2. These shots are out of date, I have edited the alpha maps since but have come across another error (don’t know what is causing it) but it’s giving off black lines on it (really annoying).


This is what I keep getting now


So I guess I will keep fiddling with it and hopefully get it worked out, if not then perhaps I can hopefully go back to this in the future and fix it up.

Update 9:45am: Ive gone back and broke the model up (had joined it up before exporting) and its made life a whole lot easier and no more black lines and it looks a whole lot closer to how it looks in real life (I hope).


Work, work and more work!

Alright so I don’t post as much it seems, Ive been busy with uni/portfolio stuff and also had recently made another asset for Worms Clan Wars. Also you may of noticed, I decided to remove some pages from here due this will only act as my blog and my website/portfolio will be hosted/made elsewhere which can be found here.

Alright so my asset I did last night was a gravestone based off another gravestone from an earlier game of Worms (Worms Reloaded) as shown.

I had remembered a user saying could I make items from the Reloaded series for Worms Clan Wars, I said it depended and never spoke to the person again and nor had I played it at the time so I played it last night and saw all the options and thought hm I could make this for Worms Clan Wars as I had made a helmet last year and sadly it never got used otherwise. I did make a few changes to it due to it could be cleaned up alot and unwrapped a whole lot better so I did. I didn’t do exactly how its pictured here but used it as a reference, here was my result.

HelmetGS I did have a little bit of trouble such as getting it to be the right/correct size and Maya crashing on me (which never happens to me) and yeah, I may go back and make the board a little bit thinner and less sqaure-ish but I was going for more of a pole look rather then a plank look.

So something else I’ve dug up from the past and started to work on is my Devil sculpt that I did as a first, second or third go with Mudbox. I didn’t use any reference, it was just a play around project at the time. But I thought I’d dig it back up as I never did get it to a finished state that I was happy/wanted it to. So I got some feedback from some friends and have been slowly chipping at it through the week. The shot on the left is what I started with and right is where the devil sculpt is at (still a WIP of course). Im wanting to add the teeth back on the bottom row, and tweak with the added in teeth I have in the top row then I’ll have a play around with painting some detail (which I do have, but only as a base).

Devil before and after WIP

And yet another dig up, I was using this asset as a part of a scene. I started it very early last year before I even knew what normal maps were or that they even existed! So I haven’t gotten around to finishing the scene (still had to model a lamp and a mouse and many more things) but thought for now I had a full computer setup (minus the mouse) and thought I’d have a little play around with it in Marmoset Toolbag 2. I also did a turntable for it and not that its very noticeable but I did a very little normal map, later on for the model (to make the power button stand out more) but I was still new to normal maps and may have to go back and give it an update when I get some time. Also seeing as I made a SketchFab account many months ago but had never uploaded anything to it, I decided this would be my first asset to go up from me which can be found here.

PC render

Worms Clan Wars – Plumbob Hat

So in my previous blog I had written about being sick for 4-5 weeks (I had the flu) I hadn’t worked on anything and at the time I couldn’t work on the UFO due to not having the software (One wasn’t working) so I decided to do something very very simple just to get back into 3D (as I felt I was a little out of touch).

So I created the Plumbob which is just a diamond shape sort of object, which is used in The Sims to tell the players how their moods are.  Unfortunately due to the limits of what can be done with the Worms Clan Wars Editor,  I can’t have it change colour so I did two different sets of them. One where they are all green, the other set each worm had a different coloured Plumbob. Not everything went smoothly for a while the program wasn’t accepting the texture files and I was getting really quite annoyed as to why it wasn’t working, after a while It finally clicked 512×512 is too big, it had to be 256×256. To be fair it had been a while since I had made anything for Worms Clan Wars and I normally go no smaller then 512×512 maps.

So here are the shots showing the Plumbob for Worms Clan Wars

RedPlumbobGreen plumbob

Feel free to download and rate them

Green Plumbob

Multicoloured Plumbob

It’s been a while…

So It’s been a while since I last blogged, in the past few months I came down with the flu for 4-5 weeks and now currently in the process of relocating back to where I use to live due to personal reasons so its alot on at the same time and I’m not too sure how things are going to go but heres what I got upto in the last few months…….

So not much of my stuff made it into Mech Balls, that’s cool just as long as I get something then I’m cool with that. I sort of became the guy who promotes and gets the word out about Mech Balls (which I’m also cool with) so here are some renders of the UFO I did, we are all using DDo and Ndo2 for the texture and normal maps (so everyone’s models and such have the same look and style) so after some playing around with Ddo and learning how to use it by playing around with the program.

Maya render


3DO render



Billboard/hologram images


So the ufo will fly in randomly with the other floating stuff in space outside the arena, showing a total of 2 different holograms that promote “Clu 3 Night Club” which was a render scene done by one of the lead artists Gaurav Shaman who created it earlier this year.  The original idea was to have some more different advertisements with other artists work as a little easter egg for Mech Balls, but as I was sick and weeks went by time ran out quicker then I’d like to so it was just limited to two of the same 3D scene to get it into the game.

So  Mech Balls has came along way, I/we don’t have a current up to date screenshot of the game but here is what the game is looking like in game a few weeks ago. The hud has changed and a bunch of other things



We have a few websites also where you can follow our progress:

Facebook page

ModDB page

Mech Balls Blog

Mechballs Update

So I haven’t posted for a while been getting caught up in life and working on an advertisement asset ship for Mechballs.

So I have been playing around with trying to get a ship I’m happy with I haven’t made too much progress to be honest as I’m never happy with it and when I think I might be onto finally something it ends up not looking right or fitting with the style of the game.

We are using Starcraft II concept/style to work with our style and it looks really awesome here’s a screenshot of how Mechballs looks like now with one player. We have the little mechs with animation I think the mechs are getting a recolour so they will look alot more awesome and fit alot better with the rest of the game. The arena has had some work and changes to it, which looks sweet I think.


Webpage update

So I just found out when I clicked on the about me, it went to my blog and when I clicked on blog it went to a blank page called blog. I still don’t know how it did this or why it did it, but it’s all fixed for now.

Even the page that was about me had all the about me stuff, but when viewed or previewed it would come up with my blog posts…. pretty damn odd. Anyways I have also shuffled and removed some of the clutter/options that were on the left and right  side of my page. Might play around with it a bit more or add more in the future but for now, pretty happy with it now.

Research Assignment/Tutorial on Worms Clan Wars Editor

Research Assignment

Alright so I’m researching  into Worms Clan Wars Editor, I will look into what can be done with the editor and then write a tutorial on how to make something for the editor and publish it on the Steam Workshop.


So to start off I had to download the program in the tool section of Steam once I downloaded it I went to the Steam Workshop for Worms Clan Wars and had a look in Workshop Discussions topic and found out how you use the editor. It told me how to download the tools and tells you that it comes with templates so you have some what of an idea of scale and how big the assets could be in terms of scale. The templates consist of hats, glasses, moustaches, trinkets, tall
trinkets and gravestones which is the type of assets you can create and publish with the editor. My first attempt was a model I had already created, I thought I’d start off with something already model just for a quick test to see if I would be able to even get it to run in-game. I chose a Pokeball model I modelled months ago, it was the exact amount of tris allowed for the model to be accepted by the Worms Clan Wars Editor. So I imported both the Pokeball asset and the short trinket template, I placed the pokeball where it would sit on the hand in-game (the small trinket template is of a worms hand and in a flat spread out fingers pose). I freeze the transformations, deleted history and exported the pokeball as a FBX file.


So I was presented with this window, the editor seemed and is very user-friendly with a few options on each tab. So In the output is where you put a name for the asset your using, mine was pokeball. I then loaded in the FBX file which loaded the textures and everything that were on the model so no problems had occurred importing the asset. Later down the track with other assets I ran into problems such as the textures being too big (forgetting 256×256 is the max size) or forgetting to put a normal map on the model, so it has a feature to manually import textures if that’s the case. It by default put its own export directory after I had loaded all the information in. So I moved onto the next section, clicking on one of the model previews shows you the model of the worms in-game so you can get a rough idea on how your asset looks with the worm game models. So next I chose what model type my Pokeball asset fell under, which was “flat trinket”. So I had a look at what it looked like with each worm, it all appeared correctly so I clicked on convert and that spits out another file under the name it gives you in xom format, this is what Worms Clan Wars Editor uses to build it into another asset. So from then I went onto the next tab and was presented a few more spaces to put information in.


So you put it out as anything you like, Pokeball was mine in this case, I then chose the type of asset it would be in Worms Clan Wars and automatically had the build directory (which is just where you imported the fbx file). I then hit build it then says if it successfully built the asset or not, when it doesn’t it simply says it failed and you have to go back to the previous tab and re-check the steps to see where you may have gone wrong. When you hit build asset it grabs the xom file and puts it into uga format.

2 4

So now I was up to publishing the file onto the Steam Workshop. I simply gave it a name of what it is, this is what and how it will be found by (whatever you name it) you can also have an image of your asset so users can see what your asset is and how it looks before subscribing to it (which downloads to their computer) and then is usable in Worms Clan Wars (once the game downloads and imports it into their game files). I put it on private, just to see if it works and looked correct before putting it onto public, so that I know it works and looks how I was wanting it before anyone else can download it.

WormsClanWars 2014-11-13 19-13-39-13

So to test it, I ran Worms Clan Wars navigated myself to the customize section of teams where it asks you do you want to check for new download content from the workshop, I said yes and it downloads whatever asset you have recently subscribed to. It then is available in the list of items that the game has to offer in different categories such as Hats or Trinkets.


Okay so this tutorial will show you how to make a hat item for Worms Clan Wars. Any images used in this tutorial  will open up in a new window.  I will use a model I have already made but will show the steps from getting a model in Maya into Worms Clan War as a playable item that you can use in-game and for others to download and enjoy. I will be using a Hat model but you are able to create hats, glasses, mustaches, trinkets + tall trinkets (it’s that your worms hold while in the battlefield) or gravestones for your items.

The level of  knowledge you need for this is low – medium, you just need to know how to model simple 3D shapes, texture maps, UV unwrapping and some knowledge in a photo editing software such as Photoshop or Gimp and the use of Ndo2 or other software to produce normal maps.

Requirements & Guidelines:

  • Worms Clan Wars the game itself and Worms Clan Wars Editor that comes with the game.
  • Only FBX or Collada format. These are supported by Worms Clan Wars Editor.
  • The max polygon limit is 675.
  • The max vertex count can be 5000.
  • Texture maps are limited to normal and diffuse only with a max resolution of 256×256 and to be saved using TGA format.
  • Must use the Blinn material on your model.
  • You must make 4 different versions of the same model for each type of worm (Soldier, Scientist, Scout and Heavy).

Building a model and getting the templates and applying textures:

  1. First step is, think of what you want to make such as a hat or maybe a cool gravestone. Once you have an idea open up your preferred 3D program, I will be using Maya 2015.
  2. This can be done later or you can do it from the start. Locate the templates which are where you installed Steam and in the Steam apps folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Worms Clan Wars Editor\Templates) depending what type of asset you are making simply import the needed templates. In my case I need to get the hat reference models.
  3. Once you have imported the Worm Template models, It’s best to put each template on its own layer and then hide them rather than move them. To do this, simply click on a model go into Channel Box/Layer Editor and go down to the very bottom where it has a display tab. Then hit the far right icon as shown in this image. Also if you do move the models out of the way so you are able to select each one easier, make sure you have X,Y and Z Translate all set to 0 before exporting anything!


  4. Alright so now when you have a model it is time to unwrap and texture it! It is recommended that you export it either by 512×512 or 1024×1024 but save the texture out as 256×256 in Photoshop/whatever you use to get maximum detail in. We will be needing a diffuse texture and a normal map, so export the UVs and throw them into Photoshop or whatever photo editing software you use, but make sure it is able to export as a 32bit TGA file for both diffuse and normal maps. When you go to apply the new textures you have just created make sure you apply the blinn material onto your asset! To do this, you can right click on the asset and select assign new material>Blinn and then apply the textures.
  5. Now creating a normal map either you have made one or got no idea what a normal map is or how to create one, I use Ndo2 and in my case I will be just needing a  flat normal map, so either create one with Ndo2 or you can just Google “flat normal map”. If you are needing more than just a flat normal map for your model, then look up some tutorials on it, there is plenty out there.
    Now to apply the normal map, the way I do it is I click on the asset, go to the blinn material settings in Attribute box and click on bump mapping and click on the little checker box and select file. Then select the image file then click on the little box up top (see 1st image) and make sure you change bump to Tangent Space Normals and you are now done applying both textures. You may notice your hat/asset is very shiny? Simply turn down the values in the specular shading options on the martial properties of the blinn material.

Exporting your asset and importing asset into Worms Clan Wars Editor:

  1. So once you have got your model done or have imported a model such as I have it is time to resize and fit the asset to the template model. Now remember you must have 4 different hats for each worm, You can simply make 4 copies with just selecting model you are wanting to copy and either hit Ctrl+D or select duplicate from the edit drop down menu. Make sure you have zeroed out one of the template models and fit the hat like so, once you are happy click the asset only (not the template) and click on file then select export selection. Create a new folder where you will be saving your assets and select FBX export. If you don’t have FBX export as an option, click cancel go to Window>Settings /Preferences>Plugin Manager, then scroll down until you find “fbxmaya.mll” and hit loaded+auto load. Save each hat as a class e.g. Scout Hat/asset so you know which asset goes to  what model.
  2. Now open up  Worms Clan Editor and you will be presented with a window this should be pretty straight forward you have options to select what model to export and what type of asset etc. It starts off with the default worm “Soldier”.
  3. Okay so what happens is, you throw your model onto the worm model and then it gets exported as another model for the program to import it into a downloadable and useable item for Worms Clan Wars. So give the output name something you can tell which model of worm, for example Soldiercoolhat will be mine, this tells me its the cool hat asset I created for the Soldier worm. Cannot contain any spaces either, so select the fbx you have just exported. If you didn’t apply any textures to the model itself or if for some reason the texture files don’t work you can manually import them via the editor.  It will export ( by default) where the assets are getting imported, you can change this if you like. When all that information has been entered select the worm you are starting off with and also pick what type of asset you are doing, in my case its a hat/glasses category. Simply hit convert and if everything went fine you should have a window like this with a message saying “Conversion Successful”.  You can use the scroll button or right click to zoom in and out, or click and hold with the left to pan the model side to side.
  4. Now repeat the same exact steps for the rest of the worms until you have done all 4.  Next to go “Build Asset” tab, give your asset set a name and select what type of asset it is (again). In my case it comes up with the 4 worms. Select the meshes that were made in the editor (xom format) to the correct model then hit build asset. You should get a Asset Build Successfully” box if everything went correctly.
  5. Now its time to get your asset published! Title is what the asset will be called on the Worms Clan Wars Workshop so it is allowed to have spaces in this case. You will need to fill out a bit of information (recommended) to give people a bit of an idea what it is, so think of something snappy or cool! The preview file is the thumbnail image that will be used to find your asset amongst other assets on the Worms Clan Wars Steam workshop. If you want to change the worm on display, just go back to the very first tab and reselect the model and asset model (so it fits the model of course) and then go back to the publish tab and hit the S to save a screenshot of your asset on/with the worm. Select the asset file (the one that gets made when you built an asset, it will be in a uga format) and this part is up to you, you can set it to Public, Friends only or Private. I always publish mine on private to test before I put it onto public for other users to download so that I know it works and such. When you think you are done, click on box if you agree workshop terms of service and then finally hit publish. Any other assets including just the one you made right now will be on the right side of the publish box so its easy to bring back old/other assets you may have done and don’t have to refill out every single thing, this also makes it very quick and easy to update the asset if you need to without any hassle. If everything goes to plan you should get a window telling you it has successfully been published! Now to test in-game (who doesn’t want to try?!).

 Testing asset in-game:

  1. Now close down the editor and now its time to go and find your asset on the steam workshop item. If you published it to Public or friends only it will take you to the location and you can subscribe (download) it to test, but if you put it on Private like I do it will say it cannot be found (don’t fret, it’s on there!). So the one of the ways I get to the page of my new asset is to go to my steam profile and click on Workshop Items and it will show you all the steam workshop items you have made (not just for worms clan wars).
  2. So now you should have found your asset by now, click on it and then hit the subscribe button and allow it to download. Next thing is to open up Worms Clan Wars (the game). In the main menu go to customization>customize worms and it will ask you if you want to check for workshop content, say yes each and every time you make/get a new asset for worms clan wars. It will search for new content, if it finds new content it will ask you if you want to download it, again select yes of course and it should download the new asset.
  3. Now in my case, I go to outfit as it’s a Hat, you would also  go to outfit if you wanted to try out a glasses or mustaches asset. And it should be at the end click it to apply it to your worm!
  4. Now go and try it out on the battlefield!

2014-08-09_00002 2014-08-09_00003

You are now done, well done you have just posted your first asset on the steam workshop! You can add more pictures and such for your assets, even links to maybe credit a certain texture or even a video showing some gameplay of your asset being used! You can also change the visibility anytime you want on the page of your asset.

Here are some other items I have made for Worms Clan Wars!

Mickey Mouse Hat Ash Ketchum's Original Hat for Worms Clan Wars Cyanide & Happiness Plush for Worms Clan Wars

Pokeball for Worms Clan Wars CKWCW Golden Urn for Worms Clan Wars

southpark worms

Work I’ve been doing for Mech Balls – Big update

Alright so its been a while since I’ve updated as I’ve been flat out working on assets and other stuff to hand in. Here is a post from the Mech Balls blog that we had to write up, we also had to talk about our game for an industry pitch and our game got through! So will be posting some more updates as I work on more assets. Today we also got an extra programmer and  another artist to the team, making it a team of 10.

To read the teams blog (isn’t going to be an on going thing I dont think) you can find it here

Before I started modeling anything I did a few paint overs to see what kind of style looked good to us we first thought of just going for a Tron style look but we also looked at Ratchet and Clank and also liked this style. So we had mixed the two together just to see how it looked and these were the results we got.

Ratchet and Clank guns with Tron theme effects

R&C Tron - Blue R&C Tron - Green R&C Tron - Red R&C Tron - Yellow

Cropped repaint

Then just last week I started modeling some of the assets, I assigned myself to work on Alarms, Score tanks, Billboard space ships, Health Drop and Power Up Capsule Functional.

So I started off with the health power up, I played around with a few ideas but decided to go with the classic plus symbol with some torus spinning around while bobbing up and down.


Next I worked on a few capsule ideas but was decided to go with a sphere shape while trying to keep the poly count low but make it look a little more exciting then it just being a sphere. It gets shot out, explodes and a power up comes out. So after a few fixes here and there and they were exported into the game and are currently getting worked on.

Ball Ball explode

I then started and am currently working on some ideas for the alarm asset. Here are the current models I am working on, and waiting to see if this is the look the group is happy with these designs.

Alarm1 Alarm2

So over the few weeks I have made a few different type of power up crates and capsules and was decided to go with a sphere shaped capsule. So I animated on how the capsule will burst open as it gets shot out and a power up will come out.

Capsule Render Capsule break render

I worked on some alarm ideas not too many, I picked the ones with the lines as I had an idea on how the alarm lights could work. I did some photoshop work to show off my idea as I am better trying to show my idea then explain something (even if it is simple such as this, I think?). I also had to figure out where the alarms would sit in the arena so I played around with a few ideas but decided to have them sit just above the goal doors.

Alarm Ideas Alarm-1-ConceptAlarm-Animated-Concept-2 Health Powerup Render

Mech Balls (working title) Update

Alright so a bit of an update on the Mech Balls game. Before this week we had to make a prototype in 2 days and the task we had to include was audio, so as long as sound was used someway it would be a pass. So after talking about some ideas and such our group came up with a music element to the game. We decided we would use a music track that was going to be used in our final end of the year project game. I’m not 100% sure how it came to be but we decided we would use most of the stuff that was already made for the final game to be used for this prototype we had to build. We used the arena but we added speakers. So it came to we would have the different tracks used in the song (bass, SFX, synth etc) would spawn coloured spheres and you had to shoot them. We had the speakers move and would react with the audio track used, so it looked like the real thing and looked pretty awesome while being a pretty neat trick.

So as we were making it, we got the idea of having it as an extra game mode or an easter egg for the final game so it wasn’t just a two day project that will be left alone and forgotten. There is still bugs and such to fix but we are focusing on the end of the year game as we have three weeks to pump out some assets and show it to the group of people who will decide if our game passes and gets continued to be worked on.

So this week I have worked on assets that I got assigned to do which were: Alarms, Billboards space ships, Health Drop and Power Up Crate/Capsule Functional. So I did a few crate designs and capsule ideas, but got told its best to go for a capsule and not actually crates that I had done. Here is some of the work I quickly did on Monday.

10504846_10154365556260321_6002724707432887014_o 10511552_10154365766990321_9002066563700330979_o 10549942_10154365849970321_8330528070954782652_o













So I also did a health power up that animates. It didn’t really loop too well towards the end, but I didn’t pick that up until someone had told me so I added another part of it and fixed it up and now loops nicely. So on Tuesday, that’s when I fixed up the health power up animation and started working on how the capsule works, as they are the things that will be thrown out and opens up and the power ups come out of the capsules. So I thought of having one of the capsules I have explode and one of the programmers are able to make the exploded capsule parts stay on the arena floor for a little bit which could be either used as a weapon perhaps or just clutter on the battlefield.  I then got asked to design another type of capsule in a form of a sphere shape to keep in with the games theme so I created two sphere type animations. One where it simply opened up (much like a pokeball) and one that explodes and parts of the it slide and bounce from the explosion of it opening.  I will wait until I get the final say if everyone is happy with it and which is the decided capsule to be used in the game and will then will be added to the prototype of the final game, which is still called Mech Balls at this time.

Here are some shots of my health powerup and capsules.

capsule3 healthpowerup capsule1 capsule2

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