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It’s been a while…

So It’s been a while since I last blogged, in the past few months I came down with the flu for 4-5 weeks and now currently in the process of relocating back to where I use to live due to personal reasons so its alot on at the same time and I’m not too sure how things are going to go but heres what I got upto in the last few months…….

So not much of my stuff made it into Mech Balls, that’s cool just as long as I get something then I’m cool with that. I sort of became the guy who promotes and gets the word out about Mech Balls (which I’m also cool with) so here are some renders of the UFO I did, we are all using DDo and Ndo2 for the texture and normal maps (so everyone’s models and such have the same look and style) so after some playing around with Ddo and learning how to use it by playing around with the program.

Maya render


3DO render



Billboard/hologram images


So the ufo will fly in randomly with the other floating stuff in space outside the arena, showing a total of 2 different holograms that promote “Clu 3 Night Club” which was a render scene done by one of the lead artists Gaurav Shaman who created it earlier this year.  The original idea was to have some more different advertisements with other artists work as a little easter egg for Mech Balls, but as I was sick and weeks went by time ran out quicker then I’d like to so it was just limited to two of the same 3D scene to get it into the game.

So  Mech Balls has came along way, I/we don’t have a current up to date screenshot of the game but here is what the game is looking like in game a few weeks ago. The hud has changed and a bunch of other things



We have a few websites also where you can follow our progress:

Facebook page

ModDB page

Mech Balls Blog

Mechballs Update

So I haven’t posted for a while been getting caught up in life and working on an advertisement asset ship for Mechballs.

So I have been playing around with trying to get a ship I’m happy with I haven’t made too much progress to be honest as I’m never happy with it and when I think I might be onto finally something it ends up not looking right or fitting with the style of the game.

We are using Starcraft II concept/style to work with our style and it looks really awesome here’s a screenshot of how Mechballs looks like now with one player. We have the little mechs with animation I think the mechs are getting a recolour so they will look alot more awesome and fit alot better with the rest of the game. The arena has had some work and changes to it, which looks sweet I think.


Work I’ve been doing for Mech Balls – Big update

Alright so its been a while since I’ve updated as I’ve been flat out working on assets and other stuff to hand in. Here is a post from the Mech Balls blog that we had to write up, we also had to talk about our game for an industry pitch and our game got through! So will be posting some more updates as I work on more assets. Today we also got an extra programmer and  another artist to the team, making it a team of 10.

To read the teams blog (isn’t going to be an on going thing I dont think) you can find it here

Before I started modeling anything I did a few paint overs to see what kind of style looked good to us we first thought of just going for a Tron style look but we also looked at Ratchet and Clank and also liked this style. So we had mixed the two together just to see how it looked and these were the results we got.

Ratchet and Clank guns with Tron theme effects

R&C Tron - Blue R&C Tron - Green R&C Tron - Red R&C Tron - Yellow

Cropped repaint

Then just last week I started modeling some of the assets, I assigned myself to work on Alarms, Score tanks, Billboard space ships, Health Drop and Power Up Capsule Functional.

So I started off with the health power up, I played around with a few ideas but decided to go with the classic plus symbol with some torus spinning around while bobbing up and down.


Next I worked on a few capsule ideas but was decided to go with a sphere shape while trying to keep the poly count low but make it look a little more exciting then it just being a sphere. It gets shot out, explodes and a power up comes out. So after a few fixes here and there and they were exported into the game and are currently getting worked on.

Ball Ball explode

I then started and am currently working on some ideas for the alarm asset. Here are the current models I am working on, and waiting to see if this is the look the group is happy with these designs.

Alarm1 Alarm2

So over the few weeks I have made a few different type of power up crates and capsules and was decided to go with a sphere shaped capsule. So I animated on how the capsule will burst open as it gets shot out and a power up will come out.

Capsule Render Capsule break render

I worked on some alarm ideas not too many, I picked the ones with the lines as I had an idea on how the alarm lights could work. I did some photoshop work to show off my idea as I am better trying to show my idea then explain something (even if it is simple such as this, I think?). I also had to figure out where the alarms would sit in the arena so I played around with a few ideas but decided to have them sit just above the goal doors.

Alarm Ideas Alarm-1-ConceptAlarm-Animated-Concept-2 Health Powerup Render

Mech Balls (working title) Update

Alright so a bit of an update on the Mech Balls game. Before this week we had to make a prototype in 2 days and the task we had to include was audio, so as long as sound was used someway it would be a pass. So after talking about some ideas and such our group came up with a music element to the game. We decided we would use a music track that was going to be used in our final end of the year project game. I’m not 100% sure how it came to be but we decided we would use most of the stuff that was already made for the final game to be used for this prototype we had to build. We used the arena but we added speakers. So it came to we would have the different tracks used in the song (bass, SFX, synth etc) would spawn coloured spheres and you had to shoot them. We had the speakers move and would react with the audio track used, so it looked like the real thing and looked pretty awesome while being a pretty neat trick.

So as we were making it, we got the idea of having it as an extra game mode or an easter egg for the final game so it wasn’t just a two day project that will be left alone and forgotten. There is still bugs and such to fix but we are focusing on the end of the year game as we have three weeks to pump out some assets and show it to the group of people who will decide if our game passes and gets continued to be worked on.

So this week I have worked on assets that I got assigned to do which were: Alarms, Billboards space ships, Health Drop and Power Up Crate/Capsule Functional. So I did a few crate designs and capsule ideas, but got told its best to go for a capsule and not actually crates that I had done. Here is some of the work I quickly did on Monday.

10504846_10154365556260321_6002724707432887014_o 10511552_10154365766990321_9002066563700330979_o 10549942_10154365849970321_8330528070954782652_o













So I also did a health power up that animates. It didn’t really loop too well towards the end, but I didn’t pick that up until someone had told me so I added another part of it and fixed it up and now loops nicely. So on Tuesday, that’s when I fixed up the health power up animation and started working on how the capsule works, as they are the things that will be thrown out and opens up and the power ups come out of the capsules. So I thought of having one of the capsules I have explode and one of the programmers are able to make the exploded capsule parts stay on the arena floor for a little bit which could be either used as a weapon perhaps or just clutter on the battlefield.  I then got asked to design another type of capsule in a form of a sphere shape to keep in with the games theme so I created two sphere type animations. One where it simply opened up (much like a pokeball) and one that explodes and parts of the it slide and bounce from the explosion of it opening.  I will wait until I get the final say if everyone is happy with it and which is the decided capsule to be used in the game and will then will be added to the prototype of the final game, which is still called Mech Balls at this time.

Here are some shots of my health powerup and capsules.

capsule3 healthpowerup capsule1 capsule2

New Project! – Mech Balls (Working Title)

Alright so its been a while since I’ve written a blog post and I’m currently on holidays so thought I’d post one as a few things have happened since my last post.

End of year projects have started everyone gave a pitch about their game idea, then we all voted for the ones we wanted and then all voted for the ones we wanted to work on the most. So I got onto a group who’s game title is called Mech Balls (which is only a working title for now, it may change but for now its just a temp name).

The game idea is a mix of a few things, It’s basically a party game up to 4 players fight in a futuristic arena where you fight against other mechs. You are able to attack with a few weapons and also defend yourself with a type of force field shield or even grab your opponents to use as cover or a way to smash them into other enemy’s.  There is also an air hockey element to the game also, If I remember correctly at random someones goals will open and the player must defend their goal if it is their goal that opens. If all goes well it will also have online multiplayer features which will be really cool and I hope it all works out in the end! We are using Unity to build the game and will only be playable via a Xbox 360 Controller/gamepad.

In other news I turned 24 recently (28th June) sad thing is I had forgotten about it at the time until someone posted on my Facebook but oh well, bad memory runs on my dads side. It was just like any other day I didn’t really celebrate it and yeah that’s about it really.