Ash Ketchum’s Original Hat – Worms Clan Wars Hat

So I didnt get too much done on the cherub im working on, I have started on a death animation and decided to clean up the maya files (had bits and pieces of models when building it, were only 13mb or so but got them all roughly down to 5-7mb).

So anyways, I had got a bit sick of working on the cherub and thought I’d do something I was pretty sure I could do and also got suggested to me on one of my other items for Worms Clan Wars. It was to make a hat that Ask wore in Pokemon (they said some series, I’m unsure I only know the early one with #151 pokemon). Its simple, its a hat and it works though it did take me alot longer due to using a mouse and really enjoying myself, didnt want to get up and stretch like I need to….my body is killing me as I write this.

Ash Ketchum's Original Hat






So here it is! Feel free to comment/rate/download the newest item made by me! Click here

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